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Train the Trainers - “Go For  the CEC”

con el reconocido Chef norteamericano Victor Sommo de la American Culinary Federation y Global Chef. Actual juez  director de competencias en los Estados Unidos.


The goal of this course is to refine the skills of culinary professionals. The skills and knowledge gained in this class will be particularly useful in the area of certification and competition. Throughout the course the chefs will refine their basic skills,) vegetable cuts, Butchery, Kitchen sanitation and organization, Classical and modern cooking techniques, plate presentation, etc.) Participants will conceptualize menus and create composed appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts. This will improve the participant’s conceptualization skills and creative process. At the conclusion of this course all participants should.

  1. Have improved their basic knowledge and application of basic and advanced knife skills
  2. Gain insight on what knowledge and skills are needed to be successful in certification and competition.
  3. Have a greater knowledge on how to use classical and modern cooking techniques to create contemporary appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts
  4. Improve their ability using the creative process to create innovative cuisine using sound cooking principals.
  5. Improve their ability in applying modern plate presentation.
  6. Use these skills to train future students in how to become certified and to use culinary competition as a tool to improve their culinary knowledge and skills to become industry leaders and trendsetters.



Day 1

  1. Overview of material to be covered throughout the course
  2. Basic knife and butchery skills
  3. Knife Cuts dice, tourne, julienne,alumette,paysanne, turned artichokes, ext
  4. Meat and fish fabrication, chicken, pork loin, beef rib eye, round fish, lobster
  5. Debond a pig
  6. Stocks
  7. Produce roasted chicken stock from the carcasses of the butchered chickens
  8. Produce lobster stock
  9. Produce Fish fumet
  10. Produce Brown veal stock
  11. Discussion, critique and overview of the next day’s activities

Day 2

  1. Lecture on composed plates and menu progression
  2. Menu conceptualization for Certification practical exam
  3. Discuss the rules and regulations of the exam
  4. Create menu based on the required ingredients and common stock ingredients. Ver market basquet ACF required.
  5. Mise en place the menu ( 4 courses menu ) show 2 different sauces (with roux, butter or reduction) also show emulsified vinaigrette by hand
  6. Use classical and modern cooking techniques to create the menus at least 4 different
  7. Plate up principles and Techniques
  8. Menu critique and discussion. Overview of the next day’s activities

Day 3

  1. Lecture on organization and sanitation as it pertains to certification and competition
  2. Food handling and storage
  3. Sanitation
  4. Organization techniques
  5. Conceptualize individual menus for certification
  6. Mise en place ingredient and equipment to complete a full certification practice
  7. Galantines, Pate en Croutes, terrines and cold sauces
  8. Lecture on student teams with emphasis on team building basic skills and menu development
  9. Discussion, critique and overview of the next day’s activities

Day 4

  1. Full menu practices for certification practical exams
  2. Critique and discussion
  3. Conceptualize student team menu
  4. Mise en place student team ingredients and equipment

Day 5

  1. Student skills demonstration
  2. The class will collectively produce the student skills menu
  3. Critique and discussion of the student skills menu
  4. Slice and serve Galantines, Pate en croutes and terrines
  5. Overview and discussion of the weeks activities

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